Friday, September 7, 2012

Why it's so important to be creative

Monet - Sunset in Venice

There’s no other satisfaction like creating something.  That sense of accomplishment nourishes the soul in a way nothing else does. When the bible says we were created in the image of God, I wonder if it meant not so much that we look like, but rather that we create like God.  

In my case, my fingers compose words and they appear on the screen in front of me… black, white and flat words, but wholly beautiful and powerful.  I am sharing my thoughts, literally part of who I am, with you.  It’s absolutely incredible.
My hands could be playing the piano instead, shaping mud and earth, holding a camera, or perhaps a paint brush dabbing flames of color on a canvas.  They could be arching through the air as I’m dancing or wielding a hammer.
When we think about what it means to be fully human I see no other thing more essential as the ability to create.  Making is as needful of a thing for us as having a friend or a lover.   So I say, make creation a priority in your life.  Find a way to be creative and be fully whole.